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Hostgator Just Did What?!

It’s 12:00 at night and while everyone should be sleeping, a Hostgator representative is up and on LiveChat with me because I am having a problem with my email. I can truly say they have the best customer support of any host I have ever dealt with. Heck, of any company I have ever dealt with.

And to boot, he even waited around for me as I fed my 6 month old baby who woke up crying and hungry in the middle of our support session!

What company does that?!

Hostgator does!

They are die hard with their customer support. Besides having really reliable and affordable hosting packages, their customer support is probably what makes them so unique. I have been with them since I started building websites and have never had any issues with them. In fact, this last support issue involved my email getting spammed to the heavens and back, and luckily Hostgator had already thought up my very scenario and had a system already in place for when something like this happens.

So, thank you Aamir A (LiveChat agent that solved all my problems) from the bottom of my heart. Both me and my little baby thank you for all you do!

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